Sapphire / Invest in Your SkinVeltz Fine ArtWestbrooke GreenLearning Key

SAPPHIRE » Indianapolis-Based skin-care company. Invest in Your Skin. Brand development and tagline.

THE BASE » Co-Working Spaces located at Fort Ben. Brand development while Art Director at Springboard Marketing.

VELTZ FINE ART » Southern California Artist, Colleen Veltz. Brand Development.

GROUNDED THEORY INC » Jewelry that tells a story, Chicago Based. Brand Development. (Photography credit: Rebecca Peplinski)

ROCK ‘N RIVERSIDE » Brand Development. Client: Herd Strategies

CROSSROADS RETAIL GROUP » Brand Development. Client: Highline Partners

WESTBROOKE GREEN » Brand Development. Client: Highline Partners

COLONIAL GARDENS » Proposed Concept. Client: Highline Partners

INDIANAPOLIS MEDICAL SOCIETY » Brand development and collateral.

LEARNING KEY » Educational Consulting and Development. Brand development and collateral.

LINDSEY DeCICCO PHOTOGRAPHY » South Bend based lifestyle photographer. Brand development and website design. (Photography credit: Lindsey DeCicco Photography)

FUDE » Logo concept design for local food app.

FOODISAN » Local Indianapolis artisan gift boxes. Brand development, photography and website designed while Art Director at Springboard Marketing.

BARRACK671 » Brand development. Client: Marten Construction